*OPEN LETTER TO TROD – You Are Not Doing Enough To Fit Into Your Late Brother, Dagrin’s Shoes*

👉🏾*Is it because Industry champions didn’t help him?*

 Trod showed up in the music industry with a debut song titled “Wild Mind” in 2017, exactly 7 years after Dagrin’s painful exit.
Trod‘s first shots at music showed he’s got content and all it takes to get into Dagrin‘s shoe.

With Tracks like “Wild Mind“, “Lazy Youths” and a host of others, it is obvious Trod has about 95% of Dagrin‘s rap traits in him therefore it is not expected that in the year 2020 he will still be taking the backstage in the music industry.

👉🏾*Is it because he is not talented enough?*

👉🏾*Is it because he is not displaying enough hunger for success?*

👉🏾*Is it that his time to blow big is just not yet to come?*

Trod needs to go on music dieting by adopting Dagrin‘s success formula.

The success of Dagrin’s CEO Album rested on the fact that he was able to use singers with good vocals on many of the tracks so as to make fans feel his matured rap lines.

Checking through some Trod‘s collaborations with singers, the song “E Go Be” featuring Lyta and his efforts on Martinsfeelz song “Sometimes” are proofs that Trod will do very well if he can apply a blend of singing to his rap.

However, by now Trod should have an EP with a good number of quality tracks out already.

The industry is no longer about bathing up for Instagram pictures and some low budget freestyles, Trod needs to be aggressive in pushing out music contents for fans.

No doubt, Trod is a talented rapper but is he doing enough to rise up to Dagrin‘s legacy in the music industry?   NO‼


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