Nigeria is one of the first African countries where the gift card trading industry is in full bloom. Before the advent of gift card exchange platforms, gift cards in Nigeria went to waste either because they expired or got lost. Nigerians simply had no use for them, which wasn’t entirely their fault. 

The retail companies that accept gift cards in western countries are not available in Nigeria, which was why some Nigerians had to figure out a way to use unwanted gift cards. Becoming gift card vendors became the ultimate solution.

Gift card vendors used to only exist on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, but it’s a different ball game now. The whole process of gift card trading has become automated so much so that you can directly sell gift cards on apps and websites and get paid within five minutes. 

Now that gift card trading is widespread, the number of exchange apps is increasing exponentially, and it is raising some concerns about trust. As a trader, it is essential that you don’t trust every platform you find on the internet. Some exchange platforms you see on the internet are charlatans posing as exchange platforms to scam innocent gift card traders such as yourself. 

In choosing an exchange platform, there are some features you must look out for. If the platform lacks any of these features, then you shouldn’t trade gift cards on the platform. 

The platform must be reputable and verifiable. The only way to know that a platform is reputable is by researching online and reading reviews. Also, check if the platform has an active social media presence. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance that the platform will rip you off. 

The exchange platform must sell gift cards at good rates. The rate at which the platform sells is very important because it determines the profit you will make—the lower the rates, the lesser your earnings. 

Payment speed is another vital feature because delay in payments can cause panic. Exchange platforms that are customer-oriented make swift payments to keep the minds of their customers at ease.

The exchange platform must be well secured with responsive customer service to ensure that your assets are inaccessible to scammers and your needs are always met. 

The best gift card exchange platforms in Nigeria

There are very few exchange platforms that have the aforementioned features embedded in them. Some of these platforms are listed below for your appraisal.

Astro Africa Review

If you are looking for speed and ease? Astro Africa is the exchange platform for you. Astro Africa is undoubtedly the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria, taking the number one spot. Through its dedication to providing Nigerians with the best gift card trading experience, Astro Africa has established itself as one of the leading exchange platforms in Nigeria. It is available in both Nigeria and Ghana and supports over 15 different gift cards.

Astro Africa supports multiple payment options, allowing you to sell gift cards for cash in Naira and Cedis and for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. 

Its most outstanding quality is in the Astro Africa app on Google Playstore. The app is sleek and sophisticated yet easy to navigate, making it easy for traders to trade on the go. Astro Africa has top-notch security services, responsive customer service, rates calculator and offers bonuses for every referral. 



Cardvest Review

Cardvest is another popular platform on the gift card trading scene in Nigeria. The platform is known for its strong emphasis on security and sweet rates. If you want to trade your gift cards and go home smiling? Cardvest is the exchange platform for you. It maximizes the profits of its customers by selling gift cards at the best rates. 

Cardvest is available on the web and can also be downloaded from Google playstore and the Apple store. Before selling your gift cards, you must become a registered user. After registration, you will be directed to your first-rate trading dashboard. Cardvest supports a variety of gift cards and doesn’t charge transaction fees. After every transaction, Cardvest will pay you immediately. However, if you encounter any delay, you can always call customer service, and the issue will be sorted out immediately. 



Giftcardshub Review

Giftcardshub is a top pick in the best for responsive customer service and user-friendly exchange platforms. Giftcardshub has created a safe platform and established itself as a leading trading platform for Nigerian gift card traders. Giftcardshub only trades gift cards, but it always tries to sell gift cards at a higher rate than its industry competitors. 

This platform has a lot to offer Nigerian gift card traders as it supports over 20 gift cards and has a rates calculator. The rates calculator is constantly updated with the current rate in the exchange market so that you can always calculate your gift card rates on the go. Beginner traders would enjoy trading on this platform as it is easy to navigate.



Prestmit Review

Prestmit is similar to Astro Africa because it trades gift cards for cash and cryptocurrency. Prestmit is available as a website and app, and they are both user-friendly and intuitive. Prestmit is mainly known for being intentional in ensuring its users sell gift cards at the best rates no matter the condition of the exchange market. 

It supports a wide array of gift cards and payment options with the aim of increasing the options available to users. You can sell gift cards for naira, cash, and cryptocurrency on Prestmit. After every transaction on Prestmit, you get paid instantly. 

You can download the Prestmit app from App Store for iOS and Google playstore for Android devices, get registered, and start trading immediately.



Cardtonic Review

The Cardtonic exchange platform might be the last on our list, but it is a reputable platform. Cardtonic is very popular in Nigeria. It has a user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the platform. 

You can sell gift cards and Bitcoin for cash at the best rates on Cardtonic and get paid instantly. The platform supports several popular gift cards and is well-secured. You can download Cardtonic from Google playstore and start trading your gift cards immediately. 



Glover by Patricia Review

Glover app is a gift card trading app created by Patricia. It is an affiliate company to Patricia. Hence, if you used to have a Patricia account, you can use the same login details for both platform. 

Glover by Patricia is an exchange platform that only deals with buying and selling gift cards for naira. No crypto transactions can be done on the Glover by Patricia app. On Glover, you can pay utility bills, buy local and international gift cards, and convert your airtime to cash. The platform is easy to use with a 24/7 customer service team and high-tech security system. You can download the app from Google playstore or the App Store to get started.



Closing thoughts

The choice is yours. Which exchange platform tickled your fancy most? Be assured that all the platforms in this article are the best, and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. 

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